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There are three major things that accumulate in the tissues that cause all disease. They are Calcification, Lipofuscin, and Fibrosis. 

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The soil of our planet has an imbalance of minerals and has effectively calcified our bodies. Any tissue which has excess calcium is stressed and necrotic; oxygen cannot get to the tissue so the tissue dies. To reverse the calcification:


Magnesium must be consumed in sufficient doses. We must consume at least 2 to 3 grams daily to get even close to the levels required to simultaneously keep chronic inflammation at bay and restore the proper levels of magnesium in the red blood cell. This can be tracked using an RBC Magnesium Test. Standard serum magnesium tests are absolutely useless and say nothing about our state of health. The only 2 types of magnesium you should use are: Magnesium Bicarbonate internally or Magnesium Chloride topically. You'll need create your own carbonated water for long-term Magnesium Bicarbonate use.


Shilajit is a condensed ecosystem in a tar-like form. It contains all 84+ known and unknown carbon-bonded organic minerals and also fulvic acid. Plants are supposed to (and used to) secrete fulvic acid in order to bond to positively-charged metals and form organic carbon-based mineral structures. That does not happen anymore due to acid rain overpowering it. Everybody is deficient in trace minerals and overloaded with calcium oxalate crystals in the tissues. Shilajit is therefore both a complete mineral source (sans the major electrolytes) and a potent dissolver of excess calcium in the body. 


Start drinking real water. Invest in a Pristine Hydro travel or under-counter water revival system. It is 100% acid and contaminant free and infused with mostly magnesium bicarbonate and traces of sodium, calcium, and potassium bicarbonate. This is what our spring water used to be. This is what water used to be. This is a powerful way to reverse the calcification, increase magnesium levels, and hydrate the cells.

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Lipofuscin is a plastic comprised of polyunsaturated fat, iron, and estrogen that is created inside the body. For every age spot (lipofuscin poison) visible on the skin there is up to 100,000 lipofuscin cells present below the tissue. This plastic, along with calcification, exacerbates our cells' inability to heal. The problem:


Most people on planet earth are iron overloaded. Burning fossil fuels created acid rain which liberates iron in excess amounts from the earth and poisons our rivers, lakes, and springs. Spring and well water is now loaded with sulfuric and nitric acid and excessive iron and aluminum. Iron fortification of our foods, especially grains, expedited the process of saturating everyone with iron that the body cannot get rid of, except in small amounts by menstrual bleeding.


Omega 3's

Omega-3 fatty acids (DHA, EPA, and ALA) are not essential for human health and brain development. They are only essential to develop cancer, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer's, anxiety, depression, insomnia and accelerate aging. The public was never told that when the Burrs discovered Omega-3's... zinc, selenium, and most of the B vitamins had not been discovered yet. The conclusions made about their essentiality were based on an incomplete picture. These toxic oils were previously used to paint the walls. Omega 3's are classified as Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids (PUFA's) which oxidize immediately in a body with heat (you're 98.6 degrees) and oxygen. It doesn't matter how perfectly preserved the fish, krill, algae, or seal oil is; PUFA's are complete poison once they enter the body. Excess iron activates ALOX enzymes (there are 8 of them) which ADD oxygen to PUFA's. Excess aluminum in the body further spreads lipofuscin, as does ultraviolet light. 


In order for your body to create this plastic called lipofuscin, it needs estrogen. Estrogen is a stress hormone; not a female hormone. Lipfocusin is a combination of PUFA's, heavy metals like iron, and estrogen which clog up your entire body and prevent oxygen from getting to the tissue. PUFA's contribute to estrogen dominance which exacerbates the lipofuscin problem. It was a one-two punch of iron and PUFA's that gave nearly every human being on the planet progressive lipofuscinosis; the unseen epidemic. Lipofuscin cakes up the lysosomes of your cell which are responsible for the healing process of autophagy; this is the body's way of cleaning out damaged cells, in order to regenerate newer, healthier cells. 


 The Solution:

Saturated Fat

Consume more saturated than unsaturated fats. This means red meat, raw dairy, pastured eggs, and coconut oil. These are all dominant in saturated fat which helps to replace the unsaturated fat that is stored in your tissue from all of the years of eating PUFA's. For example, consuming 3 pastured eggs a day for the 300mg of choline supports liver detoxification of polyunsatured fatty acids. Avoid omega-3 supplements and tell all of your friends to throw them in the trash.

Vitamin E

Polyunsaturated fats increase the requirement for Vitamin E by six times. Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin that protects from ALL negative effects of lipid peroxidation (polyunsatured fats oxidizing in your body). It is both a short and long-term solution to toxic PUFA's. Try 3000 IU every day, usually with a fatty meal. Start with a lower dose for a while and see how you react to it before you increase your dosage.

Probiotics + Light

Take two capsules of spore-based probiotics every day to keep endotoxin load down. Endotoxin increases the rate of iron oxidation by 23 times and oxidized iron quickly combines with PUFA's (liberated through fasting or stress) to form lipofuscin. In addition, red light therapy has been shown to help prevent damage from lipofuscin on a cellular level. Do not expose PUFA-loaded skin to unlimited amounts of sunlight. Use a GembaRed light for twenty minutes a day, minimum, for systemic benefits.

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Fibrosis is another word for scar tissue. Fibrosis consists of fibrin, a spider-web material that results from tissue damage. Fibrin build-up is responsible for tight muscles and the loss of flexibility. Over time it shrinks organs and glands, reducing their ability to function properly. Calcification and lipofuscin directly cause tissue damage by shutting down electron chain transport (ECT) and cellular respiration. The cells choke and cannot breathe. This results in a build-up of lactic acid instead of pyruvic acid which is the hallmark of stress and cancer. Calcification and lipofuscin choke the cells, decreasing energy production, creating fibrosis, which further chokes the cells and decreases energy production. The solution:


Manual therapy, also known as deep tissue massage, by an experienced practitioner is required to break up fibrotic tissue and restore the flow of oxygen. Tools such as the Rapid Release Technology or the HyperVolt are beneficial but not a replacement for massage.

Enzyme Therapy

Nattokinase and Serrapeptase are two proteolytic enzymes that have been found in clinical research to work together and dissolve fibrin throughout the body. Take 3-6 capsules of Mitolife Dissolve It All upon waking and 3-6 more before bed. They are ideal to take on an empty stomach. The phthalate-free capsule doesn't open until it reaches the small intestine. You must take the capsules whole. They circulate in the body for 6-12 hours dissolving fibrosis. By restoring oxygen to every tissue, systemic enzymes can have powerful effects.

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Eating healthy amounts of all three macronutrients: Carbohydrates, Protein, and Fat.


Exact macros depend on your gender, height, weight, and activity level. In general, you could aim for 2:1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein. In a nutshell: eat carbohydrates and animal protein with every meal. Glucose is the primary source of energy for your liver + every cell in your body. To heal, your cells need adequate energy. Limiting sugar can mask symptoms but is not sustainable for the body to heal. Carbohydrates should be consumed the most with a bare minimum of 100 grams of protein daily. You could aim to keep fat intake ~50 grams per day if trying to reach a healthy weight. Read this book for greater detail.


Always eat within 30 minutes of waking. No hunger upon waking is a sign of poor metabolism. Eat every 3-4 hours, and, always include carbohydrates and protein. If you prefer 3 meals a day, eat snacks in between your meals. Always eat carbohydrates before bed as the liver needs glucose to repair your body through the night. Without adequate glucose, the body will use cortisol (stress hormone) instead of carbohydrates.


Don't count calories.




Raw honey

Maple syrup

Pulp-free juice

Coconut water

All fruit

All roots

All hybrid vegetables











Bell peppers
Cassava flour

Sprouted organic oatmeal

Soaked organic white rice

Organic sourdough bread

*If gray, eat less frequently.

Local pastured eggs

Grass-fed bone broth

Grass-fed raw milk

Grass-fed gelatin

Grass-fed collagen

Grass-fed beef

Grass-fed yogurt

Grass-fed bison

Grass-fed lamb

Pasture-raised chicken

Pasture-raised pork

Warm water fish






Coconut oil

MCT oil

Grass-fed butter

Grass-fed ghee

Raw cacao

Grass-fed raw milk

Grass-fed raw cheese


Olive Oil




Icelandic Salt














Pristine water

Apple cider vinegar

Coffee should never be had on an empty stomach. Have after a carb-rich meal.




Local market






All vegetable oils

All seed oils

All nut oils

Canola oil

Soybean oil

Sunflower oil

Omega 3's

Fried foods (unless in coconut oil)

All nut milk

Oat milk

Most nuts + seeds

Nut + seed butters

Cruciferous vegetables

Green vegetables

Green supplements


Pink salt

Black pepper

Cold-water fish

Farm-raised fish

Store-bought produce

Factory farm meat


All sugar substitutes

All butter substitutes

Iron-fortified foods





High fructose corn syrup

Processed foods

Synthetic foods

Meat substitutes





Monosodium glutamate

Monopotassium glutamate

Hydrolyzed vegetable protein

Hydrolyzed plant protein

Sodium caseinate

Calcium caseinate


Yeast extracts

Autolyzed yeast

Natural flavors/flavorings

Flavors & flavorings


Soy protein

Malt extract

Malt flavoring

Barley malt

Citric acid




Aspartic acid



Guar gum

Gellan gum


Locust bean gum

Corn starch

Corn syrup

Abstract Texture

Food Examples


3 duck eggs, pan-seared

Yellow potatoes, pan-seared

6-8 ounces of local cider

Coffee after meal


Grass-fed ground beef, pan-seared

Zucchini + squash + onion stirfry

Pan-seared cooked apple with honey


Grass-fed 12 oz steak, pan-seared

White potatoes baked + pan-seared

Grapes + raw goat's cheese

Raw Carrot Salad

Local carrots

Apple cider vinegar

Icelandic flake salt

Raw honey

Eat on empty stomach daily.


Few Options:

Raw milk

Berries + cashews

Fruit juice gelatin jello

Cooked apple with ice cream

Dressed up bone broth 

Deer jerky and dried berries


Few Options:

Fruit with raw cheese

Cooked apple with honey

Raw ice cream

Raw milk

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Earth has become toxic over the past ~100 years. For the first time in history, chronic disease is showing up in record numbers at early ages.


Tap water is filled with heavy metals, prescription drugs, acid, carcinogens, plastics, chemicals, and free radicals. You can see which toxins are in your water supply by visiting here. Brita filters are comical at best. Bottled water has thousands of chemicals and should be avoided. Springwater isn't what it used to be and is full of acids and heavy metals. Berkey filters are good, but not best and fail to filter acids. The best water filtration system is created by Pristine Hydro. Clean, healthy water is more important than food.


The best source for food is your local market. Ask each vendor at your market if they spray their produce. Only purchase foods that do not use any spray (glyphosate). Glyphosate, also known as Roundup Spray, causes disease. Avoid store-bought foods unless organic, however, local non-sprayed food is best. Factory-farms pump their animals full of antibiotics and hormones to keep them alive from eating genetically modified corn. This cocktail of death invades the cellular tissue. Local, grass-fed + grass-finished meat should always be prioritized.

Home Products


Multi-vitamins, even whole food + cold-pressed, can do more harm than good. Many supplements marketed as beneficial for your health are not good for the human body. Multi-vitamins are like playing russian roulette with food allergies, over-dosage, and more.

Don't eat your broccoli. In the context of our compromised soil, eating green vegetables, especially celery, is like eating rocks. Avoid vegetables other than roots and hybrids, like zucchini. Fruit is better and should be combined with protein like raw cheese. Throw your green supplements away.

Sugar is demonized but it is not the problem. When combined with sufficient animal protein, sugar becomes the energy your cells need to promote healing. Fasting does not promote long-term recovery. When your body is not getting carbohydrates from your food, it switches modes to a backup, stress-driven system to keep you alive. This chronic stress from abstaining from food, especially carbs, does not promote your body's healing capability. Your body is a miracle and can heal itself when given the appropriate nutrients and energy.

Instant, microwaved results are not the ticket. Long-term, sustainable health is the goal. After years of chronic stress, yo-yo dieting, and restriction, the body normally puts on healing pounds after a metabolic lifestyle is adopted. This weight is temporary and essentially means the body does not feel safe to lose weight. This is the body preparing for another carbohydrate restrictive fiasco. After consistent metabolic practice, trust is rebuilt, and the body will start shedding any unnecessary excess weight.

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Pristine water and local organic food is the foundation of health. Supplements should supplement the nutrition you get from food. The following supplements though, especially considering the context of our toxic world, are necessary in the healing process while calfication, lipofuscin, and fibrosis are eliminated and the metabolism is healed.

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