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Silent War

Standard Tuning // Key of G


G                                     Gadd6

One foot in front of the other

         Gadd7        Gadd6

It's a  silent             war

Verse 1


I was looking for a fight to get a high


I was looking for a job to pass the time

Gadd7               Gadd6

Couldn't lie to myself, couldn't feel a thing


I was waiting for my life to get in line


I would wake up in the morning and I'd want to die

Gadd7     Gadd6

I would feel anxiety that controlled my mind

Pre-Chorus 1

C2              D2

I was falling down a hellish slope

C2                            D2

       I would grab anything to cope


All the pipes and the lines 


And the girls and the wine came low

Verse 2


I had been to church just to pay my tithes


I was looking at God like He hustled mine

Gadd7                                     Gadd6

I couldn't get it, didn't want to live a lie


I tried the game of a middle-class saint


I tried the mask for a 9-5 day

    Gadd7                             Gadd6

Put back some pills with a whiskey chase

Pre-Chorus 2

C2                   D2            

I was cruising down an empty road

C2                       D2

     Losing every shred of hope


All the pride and the dimes


And the fight and the crime came low


C2                 D2         C2

   Eyes crying out for something more


I'm not satisfied with all the world

C2                 D2           C2

Eyes crying out for something more 

                                   D2                           C2

I'm not satisfied with all the world has to offer me

G                     Gsus

I hear a voice calling my name

             G                 Gsus

Warmth fills my heart, it's Jesus to blame

G                   Gsus

I see my past melting away

             G                            Gsus

Warmth fills my lungs with joyful praise

   G       Gsus             G Gsus

Jesus, Jesus, I see You Jesus

                 G                     Gsus

I see Your heart, I see the light

                G                       Gsus

I see Your heart, I see the light

        G                   Gsus

It's Jesus, Jesus, Jesus

      G                         Gsus

My heart fills up with love so bright

      G                    Gsus           

This love inside I can't describe

 G                                  Gsus

Depression dies when Jesus is mine

G               Gsus

Joy, joy, joy, joy, joy, joy, joy is mine

G       Gsus   G                   Gsus

Jesus,            Jesus, You fight my battles for me

      G                         Gsus

You win the war, You win the war

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