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E A G D (A) E Tuning // Capo 2 bottom 5 strings // Key of E

Verse 1

Bm7             D/F#                     G

One day my faith will find the eyes of perfect Love

Bm7                     D/F#                        

A glorious smile, only I know the ways 


You've fought for me over and over 

Bm7                   D/F#

Spending life finding new discoveries 


You've made for me


Bm                                     D/F#

     The morning brings a million mercies

G                                 A

     The morning sings a lover's mystery

Bm                                     D/F#

     The morning brings a peaceful waking

             G                             A

      I'm alive, I'm alive, I'm alive


Verse 2

Bm7          D/F#                         G

Today my faith will find the eyes of perfect Love

Bm7                   D/F#                                 

A glorious time, remembering 


The ways you've rescued me over and over

Bm7                     D/F#                                 

I'll spend my life, finding new discoveries of 


You and Your mysteries


It's a paradise and I'm swimming

           D/F#       G

In the pools of God


Oh yes and I'm soaring

          D/F#      G

In the skies of Grace


And I'm resting

            D/F#       G

In the arms of Strength

      G      D/F#   Em7               Bm7             

I'll finally kiss the feet of heaven's King of Kings

        D/F#             G

I'm overcome by Love

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