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Made For Jesus

Capo 8 // Standard Tuning // Key of B Flat

Verse 1

C                         G/B           Am7

Deep in the caverns of Your heart

                    G                                   F

Stood Your beloved, Your daystar

The fairest among ten thousand wines

C                         G/B                              Am7

You formed the seasons and fixed the time

                         G                                          F

You gave me smiles in the morning light


Creation flowed from pure love

C                  G/B                    Am7

You were crafting I was breathing

                    G                   F                  G 

You were laughing I was reaching out for You

Verse 2

C                         G/B             Am7

Cursed in the garden of paradise

                          G                                     F

You knew the pain from a Lover's eyes

To get us back, You gave it all

C                    G/B                             Am7

Filled in the likeness of flesh on earth

                         G                                   F

You bore the Cross that we deserved


You've gotten down on one knee

C                    G/B                       Am7

Spirit's breathing, now I'm living

                               G                                F

We've been married, now I'm seeing


What I was made for


C                          G/B             Am7

I was made for heaven


I was made for Jesus

I was made to walk in

        G                               C    G/B   Am7

The cool of the day with You

     G          F                  G

                            With You


F                                G

The whole point of my existence

F                               G

Is to know Your love

F                               G
The whole point of my existence

F                              G

Is to know You Lord

F                           G

To know You Lord

F                          G

To know You Lord

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