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Standard Tuning // Capo 6 // Key of Eb

Verse 1

Em                C   G Gsus      

I was looking at my sin

Em                      C G              D/F#

But I was never getting free from it

Em                     C G             

   You've settled it I'm always loved

D/F#                    Em C     G Gsus             

Forever right with You, what a grand design

Verse 2

Em                  C     G Gsus      

I was looking for this love

Em                 C     G D/F#

I was waiting for this day to come

Em                   C   G D/F#

You're better than I ever thought you'd ever be

         Em          C                 G Gsus

How love changed my frame my mind


Em         C G        D/F#

You are love inside my heart

Em              C G             D/F#

And I can't imagine one day without ya

Em         C         G D/F#

You are the love of my life

            Em                  C G Gsus

Oh, what a beautiful Grace I'm in



Em                    C G       

All the preachers are yellin' holiness

      D/F#                    Em

And all the bleachers can't get ahold of it

            C                                          G

'Cause sin consciousness creates counterfeits 

                  D/F#                    Em

You want freedom, eyes on Jesus then

C                              G

As you behold Him you become like Him

      D/F#                                Em

But nobody's bold 'cause the righteousness

C                           G D/F#

Preached, well it's works-based obedience

        Em                               C

Self-effort, self-confident deviance

G                                 D/F#

Outward behavior that ways immediate

      Em                     C       G

But inward change comes with Grace ingredients


The Gospel is Grace

       Em                             C

And people are saying that it's dangerous

                  G                             D/F#

But haven't tasted all that He's paid for us,

      Em                   C

My goodness how wonderfully it changes us

    G   D/F#

When we understand where He's placed us in Christ 

Em                C

We aren't separationists

      G D/F#

Our righteousness, we receive a gift

Em C

It's not leased on some type of work permit

      G D/F#

Confessing like our standing is based on it

             Em         C

Well our past, our present, and our future of sin

     G      D/F#

As far as east from west has been

Em   C

Once and for all forever put away

        G         D/F#

That we might come boldly

          Em   C

Everyday every moment wholly convinced 


That God our Father

      D/F#                     Em

Did all the work on the alter


That we might know Him

        G     D/F#

Completely, individually, in love and intimacy

     Em               C G   Gsus

The Gospel is simply Grace

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