book release

coming 2020

Olivia went with me to Pawley's Island, South Carolina for a week beach trip with my two oldest brothers and their big families. It was incredible. We got pitted on some killer waves. Reality: My body board was pink-ish and had dolphins on it. Once we'd been in the water for 6 solid hours, our family-of-15 would trek back, get showered, and go for an evening dinner + ice cream. Rinse repeat everyday. Friday, the last day of our trip, Olivia started to feel funky.

My heart has been expanding with new faith;

faith to experience God in brand new ways (mystical union),

faith to engage the spiritual realm (you'd be weirded out),

faith to receive healing for myself and others (by His stripes),

faith to rise up in my God-given authority (not submitting),

faith to rest in Christ's finished-ness.





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